Russian-US relations: Vladimir Putin out

Russian-US relations
Putin out
Russia and the U.S. rattling about to usher in the next week's summit.

Putin and Obama next week we should meet again, they only met in June 2009, and now as Russian President Vladimir Putin was only Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, when the United States to Russia's criticism of Obama They complained. Putin said that to appease him taken in the first round of the term strategy has been the opposition of the United States, this situation, especially after the events of 2001 "9 11", the specific performance of Ukraine's "orange revolution" (Note 1) Western countries, Mikhail Saakashvili elected Georgian president's support as well as missile defense system. Like Russia in Global Affairs magazine editor Lukyanov said, Putin is "completely anti-American" because does not lie in his Ke Boge was born (Note 2), but rather with the United States in the Bush era the past. "
Early 2009, the Obama administration's "regime change" going to let bygones be bygones attitude to respond to these events, President Obama and his think-tank (including the current U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Michael Mafu Er), hope the regime change to allow U.S. will refocus on the common interests of both countries. This coincides with some of what has been achieved: the new nuclear arms reduction treaty, and more extensive cooperation on sanctions against Iran, allowing the war in Afghanistan, the transportation of materials through Russia and Central Asia. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and even the past three years, described as "the history of Russian-US relations most harmonious period.
This period has ended? Russians really believe the United States to make a fresh start this assumption we do not know. Georgetown University, the famous Russian expert Angela Stent, policy adjustment is unilateral, the United States only aware of the improper handling of the Russian-US relations. Putin is still as tough as before the confrontation, such as the 2007 Munich Security Conference hostile speech, and this winter in Moscow protests tried to blame the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It seems that the improvement of Russian-US bilateral relations is only cosmetic and do. Putin's support for the Syrian government, and also supports Russia's a high-ranking officers may be on the low location of the missile defense of the remarks of a nuclear first strike on Russia, which would make US-Russian relations continue to deteriorate.
The U.S. regime change should inspire a spirit of cooperation of the United States and Russia. The bad news coming from Syria, Iran nuclear talks next week will be held in Moscow, Putin and Obama met on the G20 summit in Mexico will verify that spirit of cooperation. The most pressing Syria, Europe and the United States wanted Russia to support the Syrian transition in Europe and the United States intervention, President Bashar al-Assad will be retiring, but his policies with the potential structure will continue to play a role. But Russia opposes regime change, but also al-Assad's successor is no hope. Comments Robert Mare, the International Crisis Group said that Russia continue uncompromising policy on Syria only to the Russian government in dealing with the crisis at the center. Russia is very clear concessions under Western pressure, the situation in Syria is no longer in their control, and low in Russia will be "greatly reduced".
But Russia is running out of patience. Clinton this week accused Russia of sending offensive helicopter into Syria, saying Russia's so-called Russian weapons with Syrian civil war there is no "the illusion". Obama may be warning Putin, Russia's position in Syria is no longer reliable, if Russia does not change its position as soon as possible, other countries are likely to take military intervention, so that Russia marginalized.
In Iran, the United States and Russia have common interests. Both sides is necessary to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but also to avoid an attack in Iraq. Talks with Iran's protracted pull into the distance between the two sides. Russia the Iranians misleading and manipulation over many times, the Russian government on their relationship with the Taliban intermittent, is gradually losing patience.
Although the Russian performance in Syria and Iran by unscrupulous operators, analysts and diplomats in Moscow still sincerely believe that compared with their reference United States, Russia, more detailed, more mature perspective on regional issues. , Andrei Klimov, State Duma Committee on International affairs department, said many neighbors of Russia is the manufacture of household, the United States is often put forward solutions to the problem, but counterproductive to exacerbate the problem ".
This case behind the incompatibility of the US-Russian bilateral relations - Russia's many requests, but for Russia, the United States only as a medium, this medium is not any specific purpose, its value is to help Russia on a global scale establish the prestige and influence. The views of the Russian team in Europe coincided with the United States, Europe's strategic value as large, but geographically it is adjacent with Russia, but also a very important trade value.
This makes it more vulnerable to Russian-US relations, because both countries have relatively large constituency great importance to strengthening bilateral contact. Criticism of Russia to give the United States to bring political interests, Congress passed the Magnitsky Act (Note 3), the bill will be Russia officials of the trample on human rights record of the asset freeze and visa ban punishment. The bill passed by Congress, this bill in China's different, clearly showing that many U.S. lawmakers have been aware of the tense relations of Russia and the U.S..
Insecurity is ignored Putin's domestic protests, the protesters did not like him want after the general election in March, restraint. Day Sweetie Putin, like the monster and sandbags became the focus target of attack. Ma Fuer unrealistic attacks is an example.
U.S. officials are disappointed and angry Putin's growing, and partly out of the indifferent attitude of Putin (Putin refused to attend the G8 Summit and bilateral talks last month with Obama surprise), on the other hand for Putin seems to be unwilling or powerless to fulfill its commitments. Vladimir Putin may be waiting for the results of the November U.S. presidential election Sesi Tan Norwich, Senior Fellow of the Foreign Relations Committee, said a lot of beautiful officials believe Putin's "menacing, would the world have an important impact, but he" can not really play role. " Putin really trying to do the Mexico summit outcome.